The Fake Friend!
General information
Author Marissa Moss
Illustrator Marissa Moss
Original title
Series Daphne's Diary of Daily Disasters
Publishers Simon & Schuster
Publication date July 10, 2012
Pages 96
ISBN 9781442440142
Book in series 3
Preceded by The Vampire Dare!
Followed by

The Fake Friend is the third book in Daphne's Diary of Daily Disasters. It was written, and illustrated by Marissa Moss, and published by Simon & Schuster in July 10, 2012.


This book is dedicated to Lori Stahl, a totally true-blue friend.


Daphne and Kaylee are fourth-graders and best friends, but Daphne also wants to become friends with Imogen, the cool girl in their class. The trouble is, to be friends with Imogen, she’s going to have to get past Imogen’s best friend, Darla. Which means becoming fake friends with Darla. But when it comes to Daphne, things never go according to plan. Can she survive the Fake Friend Disaster and make a real friend in the process? - Product Description



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