David Davis
David Davis screenshot picture
Character information
Full name David Davis
Gender Male
Age 5
Born 2005
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Address 2122 Lomo Drive, Oakland
Occupations Student
Family Dolores Davis (mother)
Dunston Davis (father)
Daphne Davis (older sister)
Donald Davis (identical twin brother)
Affiliations Davis family

David Davis is Daphne Davis' younger brother. He has an identical twin named Donald Davis. Daphne says that the only way to know who is the other is because David has a "booger bubble" on his nose, which is a green bubble of snot caused by an allergy.


Early lifeEdit

David was born to Dolores Davis & Dunston Davis. He has an identical twin brother named Donald Davis and an older sister, Daphne Davis. He is currently in kindergarten and is five years old.

Physical appearanceEdit

David has black hair, which is short.

Personality and traitsEdit

David is outgoing and loves to play. He has a steady bond with his family. His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and frequently plays soccer.



David is nice to his family. He treats his twin, Donald Davis as his best friend and plays with him a lot.

Behind the scenesEdit


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