"Hi. It's me Amelia. You'll love my cousin Daphne. I hope Daphne lets me be part of her diary soon!"

Daphne's Diary of Daily Disasters also known simply as Daphne, is a series of books written, and illustrated by Marissa Moss. They are published by Simon & Schuster, and are presented much like Moss's series, Amelia's Notebooks.

Daphne is a spin-off of Amelia's Notebooks, and centers around the title character, Daphne Davis, who is the cousin of Amelia.


Picture Book # Title Publication year
The-name-game 1 The Name Game! 2011
Daphne has never (ever) loved her name, but it is her name and she can’t do much to change it. So when the first day of fourth grade comes, not only does Daphne get her pre-braces retainer but also the new teacher can’t seem to remember her name. It’s not Duffy or Daffy or Doffy. It’s Daphne. Well anyway what’s in a name? A lot, just ask Daphne.[1]
The-vampire-dare 2 The Vampire Dare! 2011
Why is everyone so crazy for Vampires, Daphne wonders. Well, Vampires can’t die or get wrinkly that’s what makes them so magical. And it’s kinda cool to be bitten by a vampire because you’ll live forever. So, when the teachers announce a costume day next Friday, (even though Halloween is long past), Daphne wants to be the best vampire ever! But what is cool and what is nerdy in Vampire Land? Daphne’s about to find out![2]
The-fake-friend 3 The Fake Friend! 2012
Daphne and Kaylee are fourth-graders and best friends, but Daphne also wants to become friends with Imogen, the cool girl in their class. The trouble is, to be friends with Imogen, she’s going to have to get past Imogen’s best friend, Darla. Which means becoming fake friends with Darla. But when it comes to Daphne, things never go according to plan. Can she survive the Fake Friend Disaster and make a real friend in the process?[3]

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